A history of the Iconic Doctor Martens

Doctor Martens are one of the most popular shoes in the world and have a long and fascinating history. The first pair of Doctor Martens were invented by German doctor Klaus Maertens in 1945. Whilst he was out skiing, he was injured and said that his military boots were too uncomfortable for his injury. He teamed up with the British shoemakers R. Griggs Group Ltd, who changed the name of the shoe to Doctor Martens, added the famous yellow stitching and that was that – the first ever pair of Doctor Martens were born!

The first pair came out in Britain in 1960 – the style was called 1460 and are still made today. The shoes were intended to be utility wear, with the air cushioned soles making it more comfortable for the wearer who spent a lot of time on their feet, popular with factory workers and postmen they were the working man’s shoe. But the shoes became the height of fashion when Pete Townshend of the band The Who, donned a pair on stage so he could be comfortable whilst playing guitar. They suddenly became the must have shoe of the moment. As they were intended for the working classes, the shoes became popular amongst the skinheads and also the punks – comfortable and hard wearing, it is little wonder that the shoes with the air cushioned soles were so sought after!

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