The Most Iconic Footwear of the 20th Century

Throughout the last century, fashion for feet has been stamping its mark on society. Shoes are an essential as well as a form of personal expression. With so many styles and brands of shoes out there, it is even more impressive that the shoes on this list have managed to stand head and shoulders above the others and have built an identity all of their own…

Jimmy Choo’s – Sex and the city catapulted Jimmy Choo’s shoes to become a household name in the late 1990’s, and the most desired item by women everywhere when it first burst onto our television screens. Although before Sex and the City, the shoes were well loved even by royalty, with Princess Diana being a big fan, it was really the success of the show that turned it into the shoe icon it is today. The shoe of choice for Carrie and co, it was the epitome of glamour and a celebrity favourite for red carpet, statement making footwear.

Nike Air Jordans –  In 1985, possibly the most famous trainers ever hit the sneaker scene. Legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan became part of shoe legend when he stepped out in the Nike Air Jordans. Everybody wanted to be like Michael Jordan, and the shoes flew off the shelves faster than Jordan flew into the basketball hoops. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, as the NBA banned Michael from wearing the Air Jordan 1’s for not complying with shoe colour regulations – this controversy only served to make them even more popular though, and the image of Michael Jordan in a pair is still an iconic image of the 1980’s. They remain to this day a popular choice of trainer, some of the original and rarer versions are very sought after by collectors.


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