Top 10 Tips for Buying New Shoes


Do you know exactly what you’re doing when your shoe shopping, or are you totally distracted by style or price and little else? When it comes to shoe shopping, you need to keep in mind more than fashion. For the sake of the comfort of your feet, you must also factor in things like function, flexibility and support. Here are some highly useful tips for choosing the perfect footwear for your needs:

1. A really simple trick is to take a tracing of your feet and carry it with you in your bag. Any shoe you’re considering, place on top of the tracing. If it’s shorter, narrower or in any part inside the lines of your foot, you don’t even need to try it on.

2. Never go shoe shopping in the morning. The best time is late afternoon as your feet expand naturally during the day. Morning purchases could end up being too tight as the day goes on.

3. When you head to the shoe shop, make sure you are wearing the socks or tights you intend to wear when you have the shoes on. Click here to read more…

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